The Role of the Offshore Service Provider

The government of Dominica provides the legislative framework which allows for the registration of International Business Companies, Exempt Insurance, Exempt Trust, the registration and licensing of offshore banks and the licensing of internet gaming. In order for clients to obtain these offshore services a local registered agent approved by the government is required. It is imperative that customers choose the right service provider to work with them to ensure that they receive the best offshore service available.

An agent or offshore service provider acts as a liaison between the business owner and the Government of Dominica in the initial start up of Business. As there is no need to travel to Dominica to register some offshore businesses it is of crucial importance that the potential investor or future business owner choose an offshore service provider who has experience in the workings of offshore services. Choosing an agent who has experience could well mean saving time and getting the work done quickly and efficiently.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment is a reputable means through which a second citizenship can be acquired. Applicants of Dominica citizenship program are required to undergo a due diligence process which ensures that applicants of the Dominica dual citizenship program are of good and sound character and backgrounds. Due diligence conducted on Dominica citizenship program applicants also ensures that information provided by citizenship applicants for the application process for economic citizenship is true. Application documents for dual citizenship include but are not limited to two (2) personal references, recommendation from applicant’s banker and a letter of employment. Licensed service providers are regulated and supervised to ensure that administrative and legal requirements for second citizenship are satisfied.

Only agents registered with the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica are recognized and are allowed to carry out such services. License agents are issued a license by the Government of Dominica. Doing business with an unregistered agent is considered illegal in Dominica and chances are your business will not be registered at all. So be careful and always choose a registered agent.

Choose an offshore service provider who has an outstanding track record. A high success rate means that the offshore services provider has a greater chance of getting the customer what he or she desires. A good track record means that the service provider or agent has been in the business long enough to understand it and use that knowledge to the advantage of the customer.

Choose an offshore service provider who will be able to provide services with backup provisions even after your company has been incorporated. There are offshore services providers offer services such as nominee shareholders and directors. Choose an offshore agent who will be able to ensure that your company in good standing or an agent who communicates with you on a regular basis to keep you up to date on the status of your business.It is important to choose a service provider who is trustworthy as in this business there is a constant exchange of very important documents. Pick an offshore service provider who exudes characteristics of a true professional where confidentiality and privacy. Offshore service providers should be able to protect customer from any possible problems that can arise in terms of lost documents or documents falling into the wrong hands.