Dominica Economic Citizenship Program

Dominica and St Kitts are two former British colonies countries in the Caribbean. Both countries gained independence from Great Britain, Dominica in 1978 and St Kitts in 1983. The two countries have a lot in common; climate, rich cultural heritage, currency and both countries are promoted as eco tourism destinations. St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica are member states of CARICOM (Caribbean Community) and OECS (Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States).Both countries have passed legislation providing opportunities for persons to gain citizenship through their economic citizenship programme (Dominica), citizenship by investment (St Kitts).

The cost of the Dominica Citizenship programme is much less than that of St. Kitts. The Dominica citizenship program three main options for applicants

  • Single Applicant US$ 100,000;
  • Family Application One (for a candidate and spouse) US$ 175,000
  • Family Application Two (candidate, spouse and two children under the age of 18) US$ 200,000

There are additional costs for more than two dependents. Investment deposits go towards projects and development funded by Government of Dominica. There is a Due Diligence background check carried out for every adult applying for Dominica economic citizenship. The fee for Due Diligence depends on the number of countries the applicants have resided in and the number of adults in a family among other factors.

The St Kitts citizenship programme requires a higher capital invest than that of Dominica. The programme is called Citizenship-by-investment and for an applicant to qualify he or she has to make the appropriate contribution to one of two options; The Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) or the Real Estate Option. To qualify for the real estate option the applicant has to make an investment with a minimum value of US$400,000 plus application fees of US$50,000 for the main applicant and any dependents over 18 and US$25,000 for the spouse and dependent children under 18. Due diligence fees of US$7,500 for main applicant and US$4,000 for other candidates over 16 has to be paid.

Offshore companies are legal entities that are independent and separate from their directors and owners. They are considered juridical persons and therefore are capable of taking actions equal to any natural person and can sign contracts and open bank accounts. Offshore companies are often referred to as non-resident corporations and have limited liability. Offshore companies, shelf and vintage companies are incorporated and registered through a Registrar and the incorporation process is facilitated by a licensed agent.

If the applicant chooses to he or she can make a contribution to the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation.

  • A single applicant cost US$250,000
  • An applicant with up to three dependents (a spouse and two children below the age of 18) US$300,000
  • An applicant with up to five dependents (a spouse and four children) a contribution of US$350,000
  • An applicant with up to seven US$450,000
  • US$50,000 for each additional dependent.

Under the Dominica Citizenship Programme it is obligatory that all applicants be interviewed by a committee appointed by the Government of Dominica. Applicants are required to have a basic knowledge of English as the interview is conducted in English. Once citizenship has been granted the applicants has to sign an Oath of Allegiance. The St. Kitts programme there are no interviews conducted out before citizenship is granted. The application fees in Dominica are as follows; application fees US$1,000 per person, processing fees US$200 per person, naturalization fees US$550 and stamp fees US$15 per person.

The St. Kitts economic citizenship programme has been in existence since 1984 making it the oldest citizenship programme in the Caribbean. Dominica’s citizenship programme started in 1990. Both countries issue CARICOM passport with which citizens can travel to many Commonwealth Nations. It may take up to 90 days for processing of citizenship in Dominica. Citizenship in St Kitts is granted in between 6 and 14 weeks. Certificates of Naturalization are granted once application is approved and the application for a passport may be processed immediately thereafter.

The economic citizenship programme of Dominica and citizenship by investment programme of St Kitts both offer applicants the opportunity to enjoy visa free travel to many Commonwealth Nations. Both countries have stable political environments and do not place travel restrictions on citizens.